It’ been a whacky few days over at take it to 2. The ladies have been in television heaven what with Game of Thrones season 7 in full swing and the return of Celebrity Big Brother UK. Between hot guys fighting with their swords (double entendre 100% right there) and all the British accents flying about, Double D and Big G are certainly putting their DVR’s to good use. Big G refuses to speculate out loud what she thinks is going to happen in Westeros, but she’s not disappointed by what the show runners are doing. From one crumbling government to the next, Big G and Double D jump right into President Trump’s Transgender Ban and let’s just say the girls are disappointed - not only in what they think is just out and out hateful but in the fact that they feel the President is failing. They may not have voted for him, but they still wanted him to succeed. Mr. President, please stop wasting money on your travel to your own resorts and start trying to take care of all those that you were hired to protect. The White House may be in disarray, but there’s no house quite like the Big Brother house! They’re back at it for the 20th season of CBB and they sure haven’t disappointed with the crazy factor. We’re only a few days in but the girls have their favorites and can’t wait to see who is going to be the first one out the door. Stay tuned for CBB Quickie’s so the girls can discuss the craziness that will surely ensue.

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